Welcome to the DeliveryAPI Beta

We hope we can make your live a bit easier from now on, as


You have just entered the DeliveryAPI Beta program!


Keep an eye on your inbox for the login details of your FREE DeliveryAPI Beta account.


The Free account will have all functionalities enabled with a message throughput of 1 message/sec, during the Beta program.


For customers that need to use DeliveryAPI with a higher capacity. And maybe also want more specific personal support to get the best out of DeliveryAPI, we have a special Beta program.If you need more capacity or special help from us to build your messaging application on top of DeliveryAPI.

For only 99,- for 6 months....,

that's about 16,- per month......

Have a look in your account for more details.


For now.

Lot's of success,

Happy coding,

and don't hesitate to ask questions.


The DeliveryAPI team.

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