DeliveryAPI Features

Single API

Support many different media and many different providers via 1 easy to use, single API.

Multi Media

Send your messages via any combination of voice, SMS, email, Push, Slack or use the webhooks. You have a real multi-channel messaging engine at your hands.

New media, like chat, Facebook Messenger will be added soon.


DAPI supports industry leading providers for the actual delivery of all your messages. This way you have the optimal flexibility to create your most efficient and effective (redundant) infrastructure.

High capacity message handling

One of the core features is the high capacity message handling you get access to via the single API. Instead of having to build your own queuing, task management and throttling system it's all available for you. Send unlimited messages concurrently.

Different Troughputs

The message handling feature is available in different throughputs, which is the number of messages per sec. that will be handled. br>Select the subscription that fits your needs. That's all you need to do.

Bulk messaging

"Dapi" can also be used as “Bulk” API. To send one-to-many messages based on specific events.

Examples are event/incident notifications or other general messages.

Transactional messaging

"Dapi" can be used as a transactional API, to send event-driven one-to-one messages. Like targeted e-commerce or other personalized messages.


The API supports 'lists' to make it easier to select the contacts you want to send the messages to.

In each list you

  • create a list of contacts that you want to send a message.
  • define, per contact,  via which media ( voice, sms, email etc.) you want to send the message and via which of the available providers. Each contact can receive a message via multiple media.

Per list you can also define in which order the contacts should be informed, to prioritize some contacts over other.>


An invoke is a “start of a message delivery process”.

Within an invoke you specify the message you want to send.

per message you define.

  • the content of the message
  • via which media type the message has to be sent>
  • via which provider the message has to be sent
  • the list you want to send the message to

each invoke can have multiple messages (1 per provider or media type)

Open Platform

"Dapi" is an open platform. New Providers will be added over time as well as new functionalities. User requests will be leading in deciding which providers and what new functions to implement.

Let us know in which direction you want Dapi to grow.


All your actions are logged in DeliveryAPI and in your console you have a clear overview of all your messages that are sent to specific lists.


DeliveryAPI is based on flexible, high capacity, infrastructure to support all your messaging requirements.

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