Beta Program

Our Beta Program

why a Beta Program?

As the infrastructure is already proving itself in production environments of our Ripples notification solution.


The reason is, that we built DeliveryAPI based on our own requirements and needs for the Ripples system.


Now that DeliveryAPI becomes available for you, it might turn out that you have other requirements and needs.


Our goal is clear.


Together with you and based on your input we are going to make DeliveryAPI the best and most logical choice as multi-channel media handling platform, for all developers that want to create messaging and notification applications.


To do this we need to be flexible and we need to be open for your needs, which means we might need to change and update the API settings.


This is the reason why we launch DeliveryAPI in a Beta program.


It basically means the API is not fixed yet.


As developers, we know how frustrating it is when a provider changes its API definitions.


As long as we are in the Beta program, we are in the process to optimize the DeliveryAPI service and its API's.


And so it might happen that some of them will be changed.


But of course, we will inform you in time when these changes occur.


And if we will change the API it is part of the ultimate goal.


To provide you with a set of stable API's you can count on in your development efforts.

Special Beta Program deal

The basic accounts is free for all users.

You get access to the full DeliveryAPI system.

And you have a message throughput of 1 message per sec.


For customers that need a higher throughput or that need more personal support from us to build their messaging or notification application on top of DeliveryAPI,


we have the Beta Plus offering.


  • you can sign up for our Beta Plus program.
  • each applicant needs to be approved by us to join the Plus program.
  • each applicant will get a DeliveryAPI account with a throughput capacity of 10 messages per second. If you need a higher throughput, get in contact and we make you a custom offer.
  • you can use as many providers that are supported by DeliveryAPI, as you want. ( unlimited use)
  • you can have an unlimited number of scenarios in your account.
  • you can have scenarios up to 1000 contacts. ( For more get in contact)
  • you get our personal support via phone and email to help you build your application on top of DeliveryAPI.
  • your subscription is valid for 6 months. If our Beta program is still active after your 6 months period. We will extend your subscription to the end of the Beta program, without additional charges.
  • Once the 6 months period is over and when we are out of Beta, you can upgrade your account to 1 of the available subscription accounts.







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