About US

Messaging makes the world go round...


Think about it!

we live by the messages we receive

It is a continuous process...

you get a message, you check its contents

and you decide, if and how to react.



A constant information race...to deliver the right messageto the right personat the right moment.


Some years ago this was fairly simple.

We had the phone, fax, and a paper letter.

But after the introduction of the internet the world as we knew changed dramatically.

in the world of today, there are many, many ways

to contact each other

and every person has its own preferred mode of contact...


Our history

during the years of 'internet change',

we developed several applications focussed on the market for business continuity.


the IBM Business Recovery Center used our software and to support their business we created solutions for telephony recovery and an online framework for business continuity & recovery plans.


100's of IBM customers were using our tools and based on their needs we also developed another tool; Alert!, an emergency notification solution.


over the years, our core business shifted, as customers asked to implement their business continuity plans and crises management organization(s).
business continuity related consultancy became the main part of our business.


however, it was around 2013 we realized "this is not what makes us tick".


The world around us was (and is..) changing at an enormous speed. Driven by new technologies, new software, and new concepts every industry undergoes a major digital transformation. And as innovators, we were/are thrilled by all this change.


But there we were, doing consultancy for organizations that were still acting as in 'the old days'. Change and grabbing new opportunities where not in their vocabulary.  Just do you thing, follow the (bureaucratic) guidelines and things will be ok.......


"the cloud is only a hype.." as a manager from a well known big company told me mid-2014....I was flabbergasted...


Yes, sure, overall the money was good, but when you spend weeks on a project and nothing changes, the personal and professional satisfaction is less than zero. And in the end, frustration takes over.


Time is the most valuable asset each of us has and we should treat it with respect


So it was decision time! Keep up the appearances, don't think and just play your role. Or follow the heart and basically go back to the things we like most.


When you read this, you know what we have decided...

Our mission became


Building great software, with a great team,  to help international customers streamline their business and use software as a tool in the digital transformation to become "lean and mean".


As the software solutions we had built in the past were technologically outdated, we decided to develop a completely new version of our emergency notification solution we originally created in 2003.


Using the latest technologies and methodologies to bring the best solution to our existing and new customers.


The result was Ripples, our advanced solution for incident/emergency notification.


A solution that helps users to create a fast and flexible infrastructure to react in the easiest and most effective way when an event/incident happens.



Development challenges

During the development process of Ripples,

we faced many of the same problems and challenges

that any modern software developer, that is creating a messaging or notification application, is experiencing.


  • Should you use API services providers to outsource some of your tasks, or should you build and implement your own custom solution?
  • How can we set up a scalable infrastructure that is optimized to send large volumes of messages?
  • What media types am I going to support to send the messages?
  • If I am going to use external providers, which of them are we going to use?
  • And more of these type of questions.


We have overcome all these challenges

and built a great, flexible and scalable notification solution,  to reach selected contacts as quickly as possible.


Once we started to implement Ripples, we got the same reaction several times,

"We really like your application, how can we use it for our marketing project ".

Messaging makes the world go around

DeliveryAPI  was born

It all came together.

Innovators as we are, we had already spent quite some time, discussing and working out the idea for a separate "multi-channel-massaging service", during the development process of Ripples.

However, we decided to focus our efforts on finishing the Ripples product first.

So we put the idea on hold.

Never realizing it would come back to us, this quickly after bringing Ripples to the market.

For us, these questions for a marketing implementation of Ripples,  were a wake-up call.


Apparently, there was a need for a multi-channel messaging engine.


While brainstorming about this new potential project,

we realized that developers of messaging applications had to cope with an even bigger challenge,

that we could solve at the same time....

It was one of the most serious challenges we had to find a solution for when we developed Ripples.


In the end, we created our own solution for it

simply because, to our knowledge,

there was and there is,

nothing available in the market for this.

yes, you can connect your messaging application to many different service providers that will deliver your message to your selected contact(s)

but that is only a sequential process....one after another.......

as soon as you need to send a lot of messages ( and to make the case, think millions) this will not be sufficient

then you need an infrastructure that can handle multiple messages simultaneously




Using our hands-on experience and expertise,

we build a new unique API service

that combines a multi-channel messaging engine together with a message handling infrastructure and to make it even more special it supports all your preferred providers to send your messages.




an easy to use, single API,

that gives access to a scalable message handling platform to send unlimited messages.

via multiple types of media

to be sent via your own preferred delivery providers.



makes it for developers easier than ever before

to create multi-channel applications that,

one way or another, need to send messages

either a few or a couple of millions.

A new service, a new company


With the introduction of this new unique service,

we want to have a clear focus

to provide you with the best tool & support.

DeliveryAPI also opens up new opportunities to fulfill our international ambitions.

That's why we decided

to create a new company around DeliveryAPI.





Our overall mission is

to build software products and services

that can help organizations in their digital transformation

by optimizing or creating new messaging and information applications that create stakeholders value.


The goal for DeliveryAPI is

to provide developers with the easiest,

most advanced API service

to create messaging applications

that can send large volumes of messages

in multiple formats (media)

via multiple services providers.


It's our ambition not to just sell products, but provide you with experiences. 

Value each other

We want to provide an outstanding user experience both online and offline. Simply treat you, all our relations, the same way as we would like to be treated ourselves.


Learn From Us

We will try to help you with your business as much as possible. Sharing our knowledge and expertise to get the best results for you. This can be via our blog posts, video tutorials of via personal contact. Whenever you have a question, please get in contact.

We Understand You

We're software developers and businessman ourselves. From this perspective, we constantly try to get in the head of you, our (potential) customers and solve your needs and give you the best possible service.


Try to improve 24/7

Our goal is to improve things, step by step, every single day. We believe that's the only way forward. Improve constantly with your customers in mind.

The team

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Our International team that's here to help you.

Any Questions

Do you have any question, don't hesitate to get in contact. We will try to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

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