import requests
user_id = ""
user_secret = ""

from_ = ""
to = ""

payload = {
  "provider": "twilio",
  "type": "voice",
  "arguments": {
    "from": from_,
    "to": to,
    "url": ""

r = requests.put("",
auth=(user_id, user_secret), json=payload)



example DeliveryAPI code to send a voice message via Twilio

your scalable messaging engine

to send unlimited messages via voice, email, SMS, Push, Slack

by your own preferred providers

all via 1 API

For developers that want to build serious messaging and notification solutions. Without having to spend weeks or months on the gritty nitty details of a high capacity, multimedia, multi-provider infrastructure.

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Solves the biggest challenges for developers building scalable messaging solutions

3 solutions in one single API



send messages in a managed parallel way instead of sequentially. Select how many messages per sec you want to handle for optimal performance to send unlimited messages.



send your messages via any combination of voice, email, SMS, push or slack. More media coming soon



use multiple of your provider account(s) as 1 integrated system for optimal flexibility and message delivery. let us know which providers you need more

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when we started developing our Ripples (emergency) notification system, we couldn't find a standard message handling service to send unlimited messages.

So we built our's here now for a single API

DeliveryAPI benefits


your own scalable message handling system to send high volumes of messages, without having to develop and implement your own infrastructure.

Single API

support many types of messages and different providers by only having to learn a single API. This is much easier and more efficient than having to learn and support many different APIs.

Low cost

a low cost, pay as you grow, solution. Start with a free subscription and when you need a higher message throughput to support more messages have an upgrade.


start building your application, right now. Don’t worry about your message handling as DeliveryAPI takes care of it, and get your application to market quicker.


have a redundant message delivery infrastructure for your application instantly. As with a few clicks, your messages can be delivered by another preferred services provider.

Optimal infrastructure

optimize your application infrastructure by using preferred providers for specific geographic locations or based on other criteria like cost per message or service levels.


Quickly build your scalable messaging applications locally and deploy globally?

 Plans to build a messaging or notification application?

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We have the expertise and resources to help.


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no upfront cost
to develop and implement your own scalable message handling system.

direct, easy access to your own scalable, high capacity, message handling solution with integrated contact list functions

easily support multi-channel communications in your application(s).

support multiple telecom providers without having to modify your business application(s). Provider redundancy guaranteed.

pay as you grow based
on your actual use and start with a free account.

Start now, to create application prototypes that can be launched quickly and when commercially validated, implemented straight away. 


You have come this way...

to learn more you can get your FREE account

During the Beta period, we have 2 versions of DeliveryAPI.

FREE version

All functionalities ready to be used with a throughput of 1 message per sec.

The free version is the account every user starts with. From there you can upgrade to other accounts.



For users that need more capacity and want to work closely together to get the best out of the API. 

For a one time fee of 


you get 6 months access to your account with a throughput of 10 messages per sec.

If we still haven't finalized our API definitions after your 6 months period, your subscription will be extended until the production version with the final API definitions will be released, with any extra cost.

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